ENBANTEC 2024 Conference Sponsors are presented below. We will continue publishing new sponsors at this webpage. By visiting this webpage time to time, you can view up-to-date conference sponsors.

  • Platinum Sponsor

    • Uniken


      Uniken accelerates possibilities for client-centric organizations by creating certainty in identity and security. Uniken’s award-winning REL-ID security platform drives fraud to zero by securing the customer journey end-to-end — from devices, applications, and network connections to customer authentication, transaction verification, and digital signing. Fast and frictionless, REL-ID is a mobile-first solution that allows organizations to create amazing customer experiences across any channel at any time and deliver the always-on, always-instant experience today’s clients expect. A recognized innovator and pioneer in cybersecurity, Uniken serves customers of all sizes, worldwide, across a variety of industries. To date, Uniken has secured over $33 trillion in transaction value across over 29 billion client interactions with zero financial or identity loss. With Uniken, organizations grow their businesses in a world where identity is a certainty, not a vulnerability. www.uniken.com

  • Gold Sponsor

    • Enbiltek


      Enbiltek is a company operating regionally that is focusing on EMEA region for its solutions. Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies are the core sectors it focuses on. Enbiltek is a trusted solution provider with high quality solutions and services. The solutions of Enbiltek are categorized as Event Organization, Services and Trainings. Enbiltek provides services to local and international solution provider companies that operate on Banking, Financial Services, Insurance and Information Technologies sectors. Following are the services offered by Enbiltek: Business Development, Event Organization, Representation of International Companies in Turkey and Marketing services. For more information about Enbiltek, please visit the website: www.enbiltek.com

    • Kaspersky


      Since 1997 we’ve been transforming our leading security intelligence into real protection, ensuring our customers safety and empowering them with the confidence to use our protection technologies in both personal life and business. 400 million customers use Kaspersky products worldwide and we protect over 220.000 companies. Our mission is simple – building a safer world. And in fulfilling that mission we aim to become the global leader in cybersecurity – by securing technology to make sure that the possibilities it brings become opportunities for each and every one of us. www.kaspersky.com

    • Mattermost


      Mattermost is a leader in secure collaboration for mission-critical work in complex environments. The Mattermost platform enables enterprise, defense and governmental organizations to increase speed, efficiency and resilience in vital operations while meeting nation-state-level security and compliance requirements. The company offers self-sovereign open source and enterprise products, as well as managed cloud services. Founded in 2016, Mattermost’s open source platform powers over 800,000 workspaces worldwide with the support of over 4,000 contributors from across the developer community. The company serves over 800 customers. www.mattermost.com

  • Silver Sponsor

    • Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri

      Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri

      Founded in 1992, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri is one of Turkey's leading Information Technology system integrators. Operating in the hardware, software, and services fields, it provides solutions to meet the needs of its customers with its strong team. Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri's solution and product portfolio includes leading brands from around the world. Creating the technical infrastructure necessary to implement these solutions is among our company's top priorities. In this regard, we closely monitor all kinds of training and seminar activities to provide services with highly certified teams to our customers. We are aware that providing quality service is fundamental to ensuring customer satisfaction. In 2019, we further strengthened our efforts in the field of information security by obtaining the TSE Type A Penetration Testing Company Certificate. Additionally, Bilgi Birikim Sistemleri is a member of the Quality Association and was the first IT company to participate in the National Quality Movement. www.bilgibirikim.com

    • DVU


      SecTrail MFA provides users with two or more additional authentication steps to secure environment access in accordance with established data security policies. The intended goal of these steps is to verify the authenticity of the user, thereby preventing unauthorized access to accounts and potential compromises through identity attacks. SecTrail MFA also determines the method of account access based on the risk scores it generates by monitoring users' account activities.
      SecTrail CM is a platform that ensures end-to-end secure digital certificate management for digital certificates used in TLS/SSL protocols on network systems. It encompasses the discovery, listing, reporting, activation of validity date alerts, signing, loading onto devices, and execution of certificate renewal processes. Additionally, it provides seamless integration with internal workflow applications, ensuring full compliance with processes.

    • Kron


      Kron PAM is a comprehensive Privileged Access Management solution that provides high-level privileged access security in a multi-cloud and hybrid environment. Kron PAM provides a privileged session manager that allows you to monitor and control privileged user sessions in real-time. Kron PAM also includes Password Vault, Database Access Manager, Dynamic Data Masking, Privileged Task Automation, User Behavior Analytics, and Multi-Factor Authentication features. With Kron PAM, you can ensure the security of your critical assets and data, and comply with regulatory requirements. Kron PAM can integrate with Azure AD and Microsoft Entra ID to provide a seamless experience for your users and administrators. www.krontech.com

    • Lansweeper


      Lansweeper is an IT Asset Management platform provider helping businesses better understand, manage and protect their IT devices and network. Lansweeper helps customers minimize risks and optimize their IT assets by providing actionable insight into their technology assets at all times, offering trustworthy, valuable, and accurate insights about the state of users, devices, and software. www.lansweeper.com

    • Optimate Solutions

      Optimate Solutions

      Optimate Solutions is a software family developed by BTYON Technology which enables organizations to automate, streamline, and efficiently carry out governance risk and compliance (GRC) processes. You can effectively monitor and manage compliance level for regulations, national and international standards, internal policy and frameworks. It provides automated solutions for risk management including risk definition, analysis, evaluation and treatment processes. It provides risk communication, monitoring and action follow up by dashboards, reporting and notification capabilities. It can be integrated with audit and internal control solutions. Optimate Solutions enables the operation of the audit program. Requirements and questionnaire management, finding creation and follow-up processes can be managed in common platform for all required audit stages including planning, executing and follow-up stages. Audit reporting, comment and objection management can be managed fully automated workflows. Optimate Solutions encompasses solutions for business continuity, information security, personal data protection, supplier compliance management, audit, and risk management. www.optimate.solutions

  • Bronze Sponsor

    • AuthTake


      AuthTake is the Next-Generation Passwordless User Authentication, Identity and Access Management Platform, which brings innovative solutions that eliminate passwords, the most fundamental problem in cybersecurity, together with Cloud and On-Prem options for organizations and individual users. In addition to our Passwordless Authentication, Multi-Factor Authentication, and SSO solutions provided through our iOS/Android mobile applications and software platform, we continue our R&D efforts, conducting studies in Risk Analysis, PAM, and IAM areas. By eliminating passwords, which account for 81% of data breaches, we equally mitigate risks for organizations and individuals, and reduce help desk costs by 30% with the elimination of passwords used in corporate accounts. The aim of the AuthTake project is not only to eliminate passwords but also to make this service accessible to everyone, while making identity and account access management more secure and user-friendly. In pursuit of this goal, as of March 2021, we successfully completed the necessary tests to obtain the FIDO Server Certification provided by the FIDO Alliance, the organization setting the standards for passwordless user authentication. Additionally, through our integrations with Yubikey physical tokens produced by Yubico, a global industry leader, and the successful completion of required test processes, we earned the "Works With Yubikey" certification. Explore more by visiting our website: www.authtake.com